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    Marko Djurdjevic
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Djurdjevic (pronounced approximately "d-your-d-yeh-vik") was born January 24th, 1979 in a small town in Germany. As a child he exhibited a talent for drawing, inspired by cartoons such as He-Man. His environment as a youth was somewhat stifling, however. Visual art was not encouraged in his household, and so Djurdjevic was forced to teach himself how to develop his abilities. As a boy he was unaware that other artists he admired often used pictures and photos to draw inspiration from, assuming that they made it up out of their heads. This later contributed to his not using any references in his work process, relying on a visual library that was developed through memorization. When Marko was 11, he discovered Burne Hogarth's book Dynamic Anatomy (1958), a major turning point in his self-education. Studying the guide for two years, Djurdjevic then put the book away and began to add a layer of realism to his drawings. He used what he learned from Hogarth as a foundation, while at the same time pulling ideas from his everyday life observations.

As a teenager, Djurdjevic became influenced by American comic books such as Spider-Man, a foreshadowing of his later career as a Marvel Comics illustrator. He rejected the comic style of drawing a couple of years later, citing it as "too stylized" and "exaggerated", which was contrary to his training early on. At the age of 17, Marko began working professionally as an illustrator. He mostly produced black and white drawings for tabletop rpg companies such as White Wolf, Inc. and FanPro Games.

Djurdjevic continued working in Germany as an illustrator for the next few years, building upon his personal style which took on an almost sketch-like quality while retaining anatomical accuracy. He was convinced by a friend to begin posting some of his designs and pictures on a relatively new online art community called He gained immediate recognition for his ability to conjure extremely believable figures from his imagination in a short amount of time. Djurdjevic's popularity was noticed by the founding members of, Jason Manley and Andrew Jones. The two had been creating a network of friends through their website, and were in the process of forming a company devoted to producing high quality concept art for videogame companies and the film industry. Djurdjevic was offered a position in the group as a senior concept artist, focusing on human character and creature design. He accepted and became one of the original members of the company now known as Massive Black.

Massive Black started off as a group of professionals who collaborated over the internet. As more projects developed, the company was forced to create a physical headquarters in San Francisco, California. Djurdjevic left his home country and moved to the U.S., where he resided for the next 3 1/2 years. During this time, the community leaders and professional instructors began to hold workshops in various locations, with the intention of teaching fledgling artists directly. This served as a way of connecting with the artistic community that the website had formed on a more intimate level. Through the events, Djurdjevic garnered attention as a generous, and enthusiastic teacher. He many times stated how important teaching was to him, never having had a teacher when he was younger. Marko's prolific nature, hard work ethic, and emphasis on quality turned him into an extremely popular artist within the industry and on the's forums.

In 2004, Marko was contacted by Christian Gunther to work on a post-apocalyptic themed rpg known as Degenesis. Gunther has previously released the game in 2001, but it received little attention. Gunther was hoping that a revision of the game, along with a strong artistic direction, would give the game a larger audience. Djurdjevic was commissioned to design most of the game's look, as well as the bulk of it's interior artwork and character designs. This project allowed Djurdjevic to showcase his ability to create original, yet believable worlds on a large scale. He quickly became associated with the style of the characters in the game, with their asymmetrical designs, horrific themes, and focus on gesture. Marko often stated that the post-apocalyptic genre was his favorite genre to work in.

Djurdjevic continued to work in California as a concept artist for the next few years. Massive Black was now the concept industry's leader in terms of production and quality. The founders of the website decided to start developing tutorial dvd's that could be sold to the general public, with the profits going back into the community to help support it. Marko was asked to be the first artist to produce a dvd, showcasing his process and intuitive ability to create game characters from start to finish. He accepted. Around this time, Marko ( at the urging of his friend Nic Klein), re-created 18 characters from a long-time favorite series of theirs, the X-Men. Djurdjevic finished the drawings in a mere three days, and posted them on the forums. The response was huge, and Marko was immediately flooded with fan and hate mail over the creations. The designs increased his popularity online, and the characters were eventually discovered by an editor working at Marvel Comics. The sketches were well-received by the company, so they contacted Djurdjevic and offered him an exclusive contract to produce illustrations for some of their title's covers. He accepted the offer after producing a test cover for the series X-23.

Unknown to the community that had helped skyrocket his popularity, Djurdjevic had fallen in love with an artist named Jelena. The opportunity to sustain himself through his illustration work with Marvel caused Marko to give up his job as a concept artist for Massive Black and move back to Germany to be with his girlfriend. The two were married shortly after his return to Europe. At the end of 2006, Massive Black released the dvd Character Ideation, which was well-received by critics and artists alike. This event cemented Djurdjevic as a world-renowned artist.

Date of Birth: January 24th, 1979
Birthplace: Germany


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