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    Mark Millar
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Millar was inspired to become a comic writer after meeting Alan Moore at a signing session at AKA Books and Comics in the mid 1980s. However it wasn't until experiencing financial problems after leaving university that he decided to take up writing professionally.

Getting his first break with Trident Comics in 1989, he wrote Saviour with Daniel Vallely providing art. Saviour proved to be one of Trident Comics most popular titles and provided a mix of postmodernist storytelling, religion, satire and superhero action Millar later became best known for. Millar also wrote The Shadowmen for Trident but only two issues were published as Trident went bankrupt in 1991 leaving both titles unfinished.

During the early 1990s, Millar worked on titles such as Robo-Hunter for 2000 AD, Sonic the Comic and Crisis. In 1993, Millar, Grant Morrison and John Smith created a controversial eight-week run on 2000 AD called The Summer Offensive. It was during this run that Millar and Morrison wrote Big Dave, a highly controversial strip which was the pairs first major story they wrote together.

Millar's British work brought him to the attention of DC Comics, and in 1994 he started working on his first American comic, Swamp Thing. The first four issues of Millar's run were co-written by Grant Morrison but Millar settled into the title and brought critical acclaim to what was a ailing title.

During the next few years Millar mixed writing for DC and 2000 AD, including writing Superman Adventures, the comic book tie-in to the popular Superman animated TV series. This mix of work remained the case for Millar for the remainder of the 1990s, however Millar was working more and more for DC, notably on a run on The Flash (co-written with Grant Morrison) and various Justice League spin off titles.

He also found time to work on Vampirella for Harris Comics as well as Skrull Kill Krew for Marvel Comics.

In 2000 Millar would receive his biggest break by replacing Warren Ellis on The Authority for DC's Wildstorm imprint. Keeping the so-called "widescreen" aspects of Ellis's title, Millar and artist Frank Quitely added more of a polemic style to the story as well as upping the level of graphic violence. The title suffered from censorship from DC and this caused friction between Millar and DC, especially publisher Paul Levitz. Things came to a head after the events of 9/11 when DC became more sensitive to violence and scenes of destruction in titles such as The Authority. Suffering delays in shipping as well as having artwork altered, the title suffered in sales and Millar became increasingly frustrated by DC's objections to his polemic style and story content on the title. Millar eventually left DC in 2002 due to this, however he did finish his Superman:Red Son story but Millar has since alleged he has been blacklisted by DC.

During 2001 Millar had starting writing Ultimate X-Men for Marvel Comics "Ultimate" imprint. This imprint was set up to retcon popular Marvel characters for the 21st Century, as well as making them more accessable by removing the extended continuity of non-Ultimate Marvel titles by starting from scratch. "Ultimate X-Men" proved to be a huge critical and financial success for Marvel and Millar, and launched as the same time as Morrison's New X-Men it gave Marvel the much needed boost in credibilty editor-in-chief Joe Quesada had wished for.

Millar further expanded the Ultimate line in 2002 with The Ultimates, the Ultimate version of Marvel's The Avengers title. This also proved highly successful, though it has suffered from delays in shipping. By now Millar had a reputation as a popular, if sometimes controversial writer. The title Trouble providing just such controversy with its depictions of teenage sex, and the suggestions that the characters in the title were younger versions of Spider-Man characters such as May Parker.

Millar left Ultimate X-Men and had a run on Spiderman in 2004, as well as a run on Wolverine with artist John Romita Jr.. He has also written the first six issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four with Brian Bendis.

In 2004, amid a customary storm of self-publicity, Millar attempted to do something no other comics creator has ever achieved, launching a creator-owned line called Millarworld that was published simultaneously by four different, competing comic book companies. One book, The Unfunnies, published by Avatar, (which featured George Galloway as the inspiration behind a series of child sex attacks featured in the title) has not yet been completed, apparently due to legal delays. Wanted, published by Top Cow, with artist J.G. Jones was the best selling of the Millarworld titles, and proceeded from the premise that super-villains had defeated all the superheroes in the world. Chosen, published by Dark Horse, was an updating of Millar's Saviour. A fourth planned Millarworld title, Run, to be released through Image Central, with artist Ashley Wood as the stated artist was never released. Thus far, over a year after the project was meant to be completed, only two out of a planned four titles have ever been completed.

Millar has also attempted to forge a career as a screenwriter. In the late 1990s he reportedly almost got a vampire television series called Sikeside produced on UK television. Currently he is involved in producing a movie based on his creator-owned comic Wanted.

He is also active on his MillarWorld internet site which is one of the busiest comic creator websites on the internet.

As of 2005, Millar has gained mainstream attention for a variety of publicity-themed antics including a lost bet for $5000.00 with Harry Knowles regarding the casting of the lead actor in the next Superman movie, and an attempt to link Eminem to the movie version of Wanted that resulted in strong denials from Eminem's management. Critics have noted a recurring use of rape and sexual violence in his work, and complain about what they perceive as weak dialogue and tendency to recycle plots from other media, whereas supporters enjoy what they see as dynamic and sometimes envelope-pushing work.

Millar announced 1st November 2005 he would be taking a six-month sabbatical from comics work as part of his recovery from a serious chronic illness. He still plans to return to writing comics in 2006, future plans include a second set of titles under the Millarworld banner. He has also has stated that The Unfunnies will be completed, along with the first two issues being re-released.

Date of Birth: December 24, 1969
Birthplace: Coatbridge, Scotland, United Kingdom


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  • 2000 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Writer: (Superman Adventures [DC])
  • 2001 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Writer: (The Authority [Wildstorm/DC], Ultimate X-Men [Marvel])

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Wanted (2003)


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