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    Gail Simone
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Simone first came to fan attention with her humour column, "You'll All Be Sorry!", which was a weekly feature on Comic Book Resources. Topics ranged from short, satirical summaries of comic book series old and new (which came to be known as 'Condensed Comic Classics'), to parodies of fan fiction that were accurate to the point that many suspected that Simone had simply stumbled across the fanfic elsewhere on the 'net, and opted to repost it wholesale. Simone, in her typically lighthearted manner, stated that this was not the case.

Simone soon began working for Bongo Comics, scripting many of their comics based on The Simpsons; contributions included stories for Simpsons Comics proper, one of the annual Treehouse of Horror specials, as well as regular scripts for Bart Simpson's own solo series. Simone also penned many Sunday strips for the syndicated Simpsons comic strip.

Simone entered the comics mainstream with a run on Marvel Comics' Deadpool, which metamorphosed into Agent X. Simone eventually left the series after a conflict with the editor of Agent X. With her absence the series floundered, and so popular was Simone's work on both titles that she was asked back to pen a concluding arc to Agent X, some months after the series' cancellation.

Due to the dispute with Marvel, Simone moved on to DC Comics, where she was given the Birds of Prey title. Though still humorous, her work here was more serious than the Deadpool-Agent X series. Nonetheless, it has been critically acclaimed by fans, many of whom consider the title to be the best work since writer Chuck Dixon left the series.

When it was announced that Simone would be taking over Action Comics from writer Chuck Austen - with John Byrne stepping up to provide pencils - many expected the focus to be on Byrne's art, which had become outmoded in the eyes of current fans (it should be noted that after the first issues came out, people had noted that Byrne's art had seemingly improved; perhaps because he had devoted all his energy to the art, instead of being both the writer and the artist as he had in the past). However, a scene in Simone's first issue - which witnessed Superman protecting an African tribe from militants - elicited criticism from a fan for being seen as cliche and condescending.

Simone rebutted the criticism, defending the scene as being a representation of Superman's status as a citizen of the world, not just America, and that she was also picking up on plot threads introduced by Mark Waid in his miniseries Superman: Birthright. '

In a related bit, Byrne later revealed on his forums that "Apparently it is now 'policy' to rotate the creative teams (including the editor) on Superman titles. Gail and I were hired (though I was not told this when I agreed to do the book, or I would have declined) to 'fill the gap' between one team and the next." Many fans were angry at this news, as Simone and Byrne's run had been popular.

Tying in with Infinite Crisis, Simone later produced the Villains United miniseries, where she revitalized the character Catman.

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Simone was responsible for the Women in Refrigerators website, which brought her into contact with many people working in the comics industry.

Simone used to own a hairdressing salon.

Simpsons Comics #88 featured a story by Simone in which the family accompanies Groundskeeper Willie on a trip to his native Scotland. One especially noteworthy sequence had the Simpsons witness a street brawl between Grant Morrison and Mark Millar over who was the better X-Men writer.

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