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Hyperstorm (Marvel)
Real Name: Jonathan Reed Richards
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Control over the four fundamental forces of the universe and thus over all matter and energy, creating force fields, telepathy, teleportation, likely also telekinesis.

Son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers.

The Fantastic Four first encountered him when Reed Richards and Doctor Doom were ripped out of the time-stream by Hyperstorm and ended up in his future, after which he sent Reed thousands of years into the past and kept the crippled Doom as his tortured prisoner. The rest of the Fantastic Four managed to track down Reed and then together travel back into Hyperstorm's timeline to confront him. His real name and parentage was revealed in Fantastic Four #414 by Nathaniel Richards, who had through extensive time traveling learned who Hyperstorm really was. Hyperstorm was born as the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers in an alternate version of the Days of Future Past timeline. The point of divergence between his particular timeline and the original DoFP timeline must be assumed to be Franklin Richards surviving the attack by sentinels instead of perishing, as seen in Uncanny X-Men #141. Once grownup, Hyperstorm used his vast powers to destroy all opposition in his timeline and gradually became corrupted by such unparalleled powers and became a heartless tyrant set on nothing less than complete universal domination and blind obedience to his will. In time he had conquered great portions of the known universe, and purposed to extend his dominion to other timelines as well.

The reality-hopping team known as the Exiles encountered a younger alternate timeline analogue of Hyperstorm called 'David Richards' instead of Jonathan, though it seems that they are otherwise genetically identical and has the same powers. In yet another variation of DoFP, Franklin and Rachel instead had a daughter, Dream Summers. In Fantastic Five #4, the Fantastic Four of the MC2 universe battled Hyperstorm (or possibly another similar counterpart to the one who showed up in the 616 continuity) a confrontation which ended with Psi-lord (Franklin Richards) stalemating Hyperstorm in power and, after a very even fight, putting his would-be son into a coma while only barely surviving himself. This battle seems highly dubious since Hyperstorm, for all his apparent scientific genius, had obviously not understood that such a fight could create a possible grandfather paradox which might threaten his own existence, considering that Hyperstorm hadn't even been born at the juncture of the fight.


First Appearance: Fantastic Four (1961) #406

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Issue Appearances:
Fantastic Five (1999)
Fantastic Four (1961)
Fantastic Four Unlimited (1993)
Fantastic Four Unplugged (1995)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2002)
Marvel Legacy: The 1990's Handbook (2007)

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