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Witchblade (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(01- Sara)
Real Name: Sara Pezzini
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- Agility
- Blast Power
- Claws
- Divine Powers
- Flight
- Fast Healing (she was able recovering from several bullets in just 18 hours)
- Intellect
- Magic
- Necromancy
- Super Sight
- Super Strength
- Swordsmanship
- Unarmed Combat
- Wall Clinger
- Weapon Master

As one of the current wielders of the Witchblade, Sara has been granted many unique abilities, including the power to heal herself, to create armor over her skin (as the Witchblade tends to rip away all of her clothes), to shoot energy blasts, to extend razor sharp tendrils and even winged flight.

Sara Pezzini was born November 18, 1970, and is of Italian descent. . Sara has above average intelligence, and is very athletic. She has police training in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and tactics.

Sara discovered she was pregnant, a situation that confounded her, as she has not had sex in over a year. Originally the father was unknown but her partner and lover Patrick Gleason is supporting her and standing by her side.

Bearer of the Witchblade from 1995. "I,m the light. I'm a angel of death. I'm the power. This is freedom. I'm the madness" -- Sara Pezzini (from Witchblade #1).

First Appearance: Cyblade/Shi; The Battle For Independents (1995) #1

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Gamix (1999)
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Witchblade/Wolverine (2004)
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