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Captain Marvel (DC)(Post Crisis)
Real Name: Billy Batson
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The abilities of Captain Marvel are summed up in his magic word.

Cap can get a bit nervous around forward women. He's also a mere mortal in his Billy Batson identity, and can be hurt or killed like anybody else (unless he can get the magic lightning to strike in time).

Alone and on the streets of a major metropolitan city, orphaned newsboy Billy Batson was led into an abandoned subway tunnel by a mysterious stranger. On an out-of-service rail-track an odd and driverless subway car stopped to pick-up Billy and his companion. Following a brief trip, Billy and the stranger disembarked the train and walked down a ancient hallway. On one side of the cavernous hall grotesque statues of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man: Pride, Envy, Greed, Hatred, Selfishness, Laziness and Injustice loomed.

As mysteriously as he appeared the stranger vanishes. Sitting on a throne at the far-end of the hall is a wizened old man with long white hair and a full, almost floor-length white beard. At the old man’s beckoning, Billy steps forward and stops in front of the throne.

The old man announces himself by proclaiming, "I am Shazam!," amid a peal of thunder and flash of lightning. As the smoke clears Billy notices the wall behind the wizard is inscribed with the names of six great elders which together form the name SHAZAM: Solomon- wisdom, Hercules - strength, Atlas - stamina, Zeus - power, Achilles - Courage, and Mercury - speed. Shazam relates to the young boy that he needs a new champion to battle evil and that he has chosen Billy. "Speak my name" shouts Shazam!

As Billy shouts the name of the ancient wizard, lightning drops from the ceiling of the chamber striking him, while at the same time a deafening peal of thunder echoes off the cavern walls. As the smoke clears, Billy discovers that he has been transformed into a man!

"Captain Marvel, I salute you," says Shazam! At that moment a slab of stone hanging above Shazam’s head, held in place by a tattered thread, crashes down onto the old wizard crushing him. From the dust and rumble a ghostly image of Shazam appears and lights a nearby brazier.

At that, Captain Marvel sets off to track down the evil radio silencer plaguing his fair city — and at that Captain Marvel meets his arch-nemesis for the first time: Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana!


First Appearance: History of the DC Universe (1986) #2

Other Identities:
William Joseph 'Billy' Batson (DC)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
52 (2006)
52: The Companion (2007)
52/WW III (2007)
Action Comics (1938)
Action Comics (2001)
Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant (1998)
Adventures of Superman (1987)
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Amazons Attack (2007)
Avengers/JLA (2003)
Batman and Other DC Classics (1989)
Batman: The Strange Deaths Of Batman (2009)
Birds of Prey (1999)
Bizarro World (2005)
Black Adam: The Dark Age (2007)
Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns (2010)
Blue Beetle (2006)
Books of Magic (1990)
Booster Gold (2007)
Brightest Day: The Atom Special (2010)
Captain Atom (1987)
Countdown (2007)
Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005)
Countdown to Mystery (2007)
Dan Brereton: The Goddess & The Monster (2010)
Day of Judgment (1999)
Day of Vengeance (2005)
DC Comics Presents: Shazam! (2011)
DC Comics Presents: Superman (2010)
DC Comics Presents: The Flash/Green Lantern - Faster Friends (2010)
DC Comics Presents: Young Justice (2010)
DC Comics: The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner (2012)
DC Crossover (1998)
DC Holiday Special '09 (2010)
DC Universe (2008)
DC Universe Online: Legends (2011)
DC Universe: Origins (2009)
DC Versus Marvel/Marvel Versus DC (1996)
DC/Marvel: All Access (1996)
DCU Halloween Special '09 (2009)
DCU Heroes Secret Files (1999)
DCU: Brave New World (2006)
DCU: Legacies (2010)
Death of the New Gods (2007)
Doctor Fate (2003)
FCBD 2011 Green Lantern Flashpoint Special Edition (2011)
Final Night (1996)
Firestorm (2004)
Flash/Green Lantern: Faster Friends (1997)
Flashpoint (2011)
Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost (2011)
Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring The Flash (2012)
Formerly Known as the Justice League (2003)
Genesis (1997)
Gotham Central (2003)
Green Lantern (1990)
Green Lantern Corps (2006)
Green Lantern: Circle of Fire (2000)
Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994)
Hawkman (2002)
History of the DC Universe (1986)
Hourman (1999)
Identity Crisis (2004)
Impulse (1995)
Infinite Crisis (2005)
Infinite Crisis Countdown (2006)
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 (2006)
Jack Kirby's Fourth World (1997)
JLA (1997)
JLA - Die neue Gerechtigkeitsliga Sonderband (1997)
JLA Gallery (1997)
JLA in Crisis Secret Files (1998)
JLA Secret Files (1997)
JLA-Z (2003)
JLA: Act of God (2000)
JLA: Classified (2005)
JLA: Gods and Monsters (2001)
JLA: Incarnations (2001)
JLA: Liberty and Justice (2003)
JLA: Secret Origins (2002)
JLA: The Ultimate Guide to The Justice League of America (2002)
JLA: World Without Grown-Ups (1998)
JLA/Avengers (2003)
JLA/JSA Secret Files and Origins (2003)
JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice (2002)
JLA/Titans (1998)
JSA (1999)
JSA All-Stars (2010)
JSA: Classified (2005)
Justice League (1987)
Justice League 100 Greatest Moments (2018)
Justice League America (1989)
Justice League International (1987)
Justice League International (2008)
Justice League of America (2006)
Justice League of America: Another Nail (2004)
Justice League Sourcebook (1990)
Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare (1996)
Justice League: Cry for Justice (2009)
Justice Society of America (2007)
L.E.G.I.O.N. (1989)
Legends (1986)
Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery (1998)
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989)
Lobo (1993)
Marvel Comics Presents (1988)
Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe ''Beginnings'' (2008)
Nightwing (1996)
Orion (2000)
Plastic Man (2004)
Power Girl (2006)
Savage Dragon (1993)
Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DC Universe 2000 (2000)
Sergio Aragones Destroys DC (1996)
Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle (2005)
Shazam! (2011)
Shazam! Power of Hope (2000)
Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil (2007)
Shazam!: The New Beginning (1987)
Showcase '96 (1996)
Sins of Youth Secret Files (2000)
Sins of Youth: JLA Jr. (2000)
Spawn (1992)
Starman (1994)
Starman: The Mist (1998)
Starman/Congorilla (2011)
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (1999)
Superboy & The Ravers (1996)
Supergirl (1994)
Supergirl (1996)
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006)
Supergirl Plus (1997)
Superman (1939)
Superman (1987)
Superman vs. Darkseid (2015)
Superman: Secret Files (1998)
Superman: The Man of Steel (1991)
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1995)
Superman: The Wedding Album (1996)
Superman/Batman (2003)
Superman/Shazam: First Thunder (2005)
Supermen of America (2000)
Swamp Thing Giant (2020)
Teen Titans (2003)
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy (2006)
The Brave and the Bold (2007)
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)
The DC Universe by Brian K. Vaughan (2018)
The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus (2007)
The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus (2013)
The Flash (1987)
The Fury of Firestorm (1982)
The Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp (2007)
The Lobo Gallery: Portraits of a Bastich (1995)
The Power of SHAZAM! (1995)
The Superman Gallery (1993)
The World's Greatest Super-Heroes (2005)
Titans Secret Files (1999)
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day (2003)
Trials of Shazam (2006)
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (2006)
Underworld Unleashed (1995)
War of the Gods (1991)
Who's Who: Update '87 (1987)
Wonder Woman (1987)
Wonder Woman (2006)
Wonder Woman Gallery (1996)
Wonder Woman Giant [I] (2019)
Wonder Woman Secret Files (1998)
Wonder Woman: Donna Troy (1998)
Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles (2017)
Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War (2001)
Young Justice (1998)
Young Justice 80-Page Giant (1999)
Young Justice: Sins of Youth (2000)
Zatanna (2010)
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994)

Group Affiliation(s):
Justice League International (DC)
Justice Society of America (DC)
Marvel Family (DC)(Post Crisis)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote

"Holy Moley!"

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