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Aurora (Marvel)
Real Name: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
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Aurora has the powers of flight and superhuman speed (theoretically able to approach light-speed). The greater her increase in speed, the more durable her body becomes. In an early issue of Alpha Flight Northstar reveals to readers that Aurora can fly for longer periods of time than he can, but that he can fly faster than Aurora. Her strength and reaction time are above-average for a woman of her age and exercise level. Originally, while in contact with her brother, the pair could emit bursts of light, but, after a serious falling-out with her brother, she had her powers altered by Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch), her lover at the time, to enable her to produce light independently; touching her brother - as she later discovered - actually cancels the ability and creates a physical, incapacitating shock. (The treatment incidentally also "cloaked" her from mutant-detection devices, such as the Sentinels.)

It appears that this may have become undone in recent years, returning this ability to its original state. Due to the machinations of Serafina, it appears that Aurora and Northstar can now generate explosive thermal energy on contact with each other as well.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She and her twin brother Jean-Paul were separated in infancy after their parents died. Jean-Paul was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martin, who were cousins of his mother. The Martins could not afford to adopt Jeanne-Marie as well and arranged for Jeanne-Marie to be raised at Madame DuPont's School for Girls in LaVelle, Quebec, a reactionary religious school. Soon afterward the Martins moved to Northern Quebec. The Martins were killed in an accident several years later and Jean-Paul was placed in a foster home, unaware that he had a sister.

Extremely nervous and introverted, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier was miserable at Madame DuPont's School and at the age of thirteen, she attempted suicide by throwing herself from the roof of one of the school's buildings. Instead of falling to her death, Beaubier discovered that she could fly at great speed. Unaware that she was a mutant, the deeply religious Beaubier believed that her flight was the result of a divine miracle. The next morning she explained to the school's headmistress, what she believed had happened. Believing the young girl to be guilty of blasphemy, the headmistress had Beaubier severely disciplined. This incident (and possibly other abuse) triggered a dissociative identity disorder in Jeanne-Marie; a second personality, extroverted and far more uninhibited, emerged. Under the influence of this second personality, Beaubier secretly left the school that same night. On returning three days later, she had no memory of where she had been or what she had done and she was again physically punished. The resulting trauma was so great that Beaubier repressed her second personality.

Five years later, Beaubier's application to become a teacher at the school was accepted. By this time Beaubier had adjusted to life at the school and her everyday personality was that of a prim, proper, repressed woman. But the same night that her application was accepted, her second personality re-emerged and she left to enjoy herself in Montreal. Confronted by muggers, she knocked one unconscious by moving at superhuman speed. This was the first time that she had used her superhuman powers in five years. The second mugger was halted by Wolverine, who had witnessed the attempted assault. Recognizing that Beaubier had superhuman powers, Wolverine invited her to go to Ottawa to meet James MacDonald Hudson, who was organizing a team of superhumanly powerful agents for the Canadian government's Department H. Hudson accepted her as a recruit and reunited her with her brother. After a period of training, both Beaubier siblings joined the team that Hudson created, Alpha Flight, under the code names Aurora and Northstar.

Aurora has suffered from dissociative identity disorder for some time: Jeanne-Marie represented her more prim and proper persona while Aurora represented Jeanne-Marie's more outgoing, repressed personality traits. The personalities were later merged into one relatively healthy personality although her sanity has deteriorated in recent years and they resplit.

Recently, Beaubier underwent still further personality changes. For a time, her "Aurora" and "Jeanne-Marie" personae have each manifested traits of the other while nevertheless remaining distinctly separate personalities. Most of the time now, she manifests a third personality which is basically Aurora's but with more of a sense of responsibility than before.

At one point, Aurora and Northstar were retconned to be half-human, half-elf; however, this development was itself retconned away, and the twins are known to be human mutants, as they were originally intended.

Recently, Aurora became a mind controlled agent of Weapon X and was in an abusive relationship with the Weapon X director, Malcolm Colcord who beat her. Aurora managed to retaliate against her mind-control by creating a third personality that wasn't affected. She beat the director up and managed to escape.

In addition, an alternate Aurora from relatively early in her Alpha Flight career was recently brought to the present-day with her teammates, apart from Sasquatch. At last report, this group was continuing to act as Alpha Flight in the present day.

It is shown that Aurora's mental state has become more unstable than before as apparently one of her personas had nearly influenced her into killing herself. However, she was stopped by the arrival of Northstar, who is under the control of The Children, a mysterious group of heretofore unknown superhumans. One of the Children, Serafina, has placed the twins under their control, largely repairing Aurora's fragile psyche and altering their powers, enabling them to generate not only light when in contact with each other, but apparently heat as well.

After the twins took out Iceman and Northstar took off to kill Sabretooth, Aurora stayed behind to take care of those left, taking out X-23 and Mercury of the New X-Men, until she was tricked by Mystique, who had shape-shifted into Aurora herself and played off what was left of Aurora's broken psyche, distracting her until Iceman reassembled himself and knocked her out.

In X-Men Annual #1 the X-Men took Northstar and Aurora to the S.H.I.E.L.D. heli-carrier in an attempt to fix the mental damage inflicted on the twins. Using their V.R. equipment the X-Men allowed the twins to relive their lives at an accelerated pace. The process was interrupted near the end of the session by Exodus, creating a telepathic connection between the twins. Using each other's emotional support they apparently managed to face their inner personal turmoils. This allowed both brother and sister to gain a higher level of control of their powers, which they used to save Rogue from the Acolyte known as Frenzy. They are presently in the company of the X-Men.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1963) #120

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Group Affiliation(s):
Alpha Flight (Marvel)
Beta Flight (Marvel)
Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel)
Gamma Flight (Marvel)(02 - Government Team)
Weapon X Project (Marvel)
X-Men (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)

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