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Thanos (Marvel)
Real Name: Dione
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Son of Mentor and San-Sui, brother of Eros, Thanos is an Eternal, a resident of Titan. At a young age, Thanos became obsessed with death. Expelled from Titan because of crimes he committed, Thanos would eventually return to Titan, unleashing a nuclear attack which killed his own mother.

Eventually, Thanos became aware of the object known as the Cosmic Cube, which Thanos hoped to use to raise his status from Demigod to God. Foiled by Captain Marvel, Thanos seemingly died in combat.

Not dying so easily, Thanos reincorporated his body and offered his services to Adam Warlock in battle against the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth. It was in these battles that Thanos learned of the Infinity Gems for the first time which would become his obsession for the majority of his life.

Eventually Thanos would be turned into a statue by Adam Warlock, only to be returned to life years later by Death herself.

Thanos then set out to create the Infinity Gauntlet in order to wipe out half of the population of the universe.

In later years, Thanos has seemingly reformed his evil ways, it remains to be seen if these changes are permanent.

began relationship with hela in mighty thor #700

His mother had intented to name him "Dione" before seeing the horror that her baby was and instead immediately after renamed him Thanos (Thanos #14)

Although Iron Man (1968) #55 is traditionally considered to be the first appearance of Thanos, he does not appear in this issue; a robot duplicate of Thanos appears, other appearances are in flashback. The first full appearance of Thanos is Captain Mavel (1968) #27.

First Appearance: Iron Man (1968) #55

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What If...? (1989)
What The--?! (1988)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)
Wonder Man (1991)
X-Factor (1986)
X-Man (1995)

Video Game Appearances:
Marvel Super Heroes (1995)
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems (1996)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 : New Age of Heroes (2000)

Group Affiliation(s):
Cabal (Marvel)(02 - Time Runs Out/Secret Wars)
Eternals (Marvel)
Eternals of Titan (Marvel)
Infinity Watch (Marvel)(01 - Original Team)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Am I not Thanos?! Did I not butcher the woman who gave me birth, who force-fed me into this hell called life?! Is not the wake of my passing crimson with the blood of my enemies and allies alike?! Death is with me every second of the day! My every moment is spent in either dealing out death or worshipping it! So tell me, who under the stars is better suited than I to be Death's consort?"

"My name is Thanos, and my name means Death."

"Who would have thought that becoming God would be such a hollow victory?"

"The heavens will run red with blood. But in the end, as always, Thanos will stand triumphant!"

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